Innovation Excellence 


Ensure your organizational flywheel is spinning towards market leading innovation. 


Improvement doesn't need to be painful or take a long time if you practice ideal behaviors and techniques to succeed.


We work to demonstrate results quickly while also working to make the least amount of impact during optimization efforts.



    Any routine customer value steps you perform should be optimized and integrated with the ideal value stream.


    Push what you do further by understanding what is currently happening, what should be happening, and transform your results quickly.


    Enhance your workplace and your processes of doing work to provide improved results for stakeholders and generate improved work-life balance.

LYNX Process Services

Sometimes referred to as a project, process improvement is the art and science of defining value, ensuring flow efficiency, and demonstrating lasting results--this is what enables innovation. 


Although it might seem counterintuitive, process is not the operation, but what happens between operational value-adding steps.  Focusing on process provides exponentially more opportunity for improvement--let us show you how. 

At LYNX we focus on three core elements when we think about process. 



Demonstrate what you are currently doing and create situational awareness across stakeholders



Sight in on what winning looks like, what specific indicators and results can be achieved and optimize



Develop and execute Key Performance Actions to achieve Objectives and Key Performance Results

LYNX Innovation Services

LYNX provides innovative solutions to your biggest process and workflow challenges.  Most often your team already has the ability to reinvent work in a way that is faster, better, and cheaper--we provide the tools and enable them to do just that!

We ensure smart solutions and optimize the whole to solidify lasting results. By leveraging a process improvement experiment, we can show you the power of your own people, build internal capacity, and increase stakeholder engagement.  


Our services provide all required planning, content development, reporting, implementation, onboarding and coaching.

Workplace Improvements

LYNX Innovation Services

Enhance how you operate every day to drive the maximum results with your efforts and the people you work with.  LYNX WORKPLACE IMPROVEMENTS services provides various methods and tools that can support any employee or stakeholder regardless or your role.  Our services provide all required planning, content development, reporting, implementation, onboarding and coaching. 

- Understanding Flow

- Visual Management

- Stakeholder Integration

Process Management

LYNX Innovation Services

Our PROCESS MANAGEMENT services are what we do to help customers optimize what they do.  Results are guaranteed with leadership support.  Our solutions typically require multi-day disruptions and minor ongoing adjustment.  LYNX is best at:

- Quality/Cost/Effort

- Activity Analytics 

- Stakeholder Alignment

- Core Business Implementation

- Future Market Indicators

- Key Performance Planning

Discrete Innovation

LYNX Innovation Services

Have a painful or wasteful process?  We guarantee double-digit improvement results using LYNX DISCRETE INNOVATION services.  Regardless of the challenge or problem you are trying to solve, our methods will improve your process.  We can support any improvement project as our solutions are scalable and serve any industry.  Get results quickly and transform your process into an ideal state. 

Our services provide all required planning, content development, reporting, implementation, onboarding and coaching. Planning services include:

- Quality/Cost/Effort

- Ideation and Development

- Implementation 

- Ongoing Innovation

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