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Technology Solutions 


LYNX leverages the latest hardware and software solutions.


Our expertise comes from actual use of everything we have to offer.

Our Technology Solutions are geared to integrate with your existing work, inhance how people plan and execute, and can lead to improved results through optimizing work immediately.

Technology can take what you do to the next level and beyond,

- let us show you how!


Is Technology Lean?

At LYNX, we say it sure can be.  Leveraging technology in a way that provides desired and lasting results can be tough - but we are here to help! 


Our solutions are behavior based, emphasise daily work integration, and active team management. 


We focus on three keys to ensure you are successful:


Easily Deployable - Repeatable - Real-time Management  


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LYNX Technology Services

As onboarding experts, we deeply understand how to correctly integrate technology into an organization or project team. 


We push digital integration to the next level by leveraging behavior based solutions that enhance what we and our teams do every day.


 Ask your vendor if they guarantee lasting results with their product, most likely they cant.       LYNX only uses product solutions that work - Guaranteed!


Our experience allows us to work closely with leading software and hardware organizations to ensure what they have to offer is exactly what our customers need.   


Through robust workflow and product testing, we can show you the best way to integrate specific technology with daily work and we ensure our solutions support your systems and needs.


Digital Last Planner System Solutions

LYNX Technology Services

Take your analogue experience to the next level with LYNX DIGITAL LPS SOLUTIONS.  All of our technology solutions, both hardware and software, are specifically tailored to your Last Planner System(r) needs regardless of your teams location, scope of work, or experience with practicing LPS.                  

Our current solutions are geared for the following work:

- Enterprise-wide Planning/Scheduling

- Validation and Design

- Field-based Construction

- Multiparty Project Lifecycle

Touchscreen Solutions

LYNX Technology Services

Our TOUCHSCREEN SOLUTIONS are AWESOME! Regardless of the scale and your specific needs, our solutions will provide enhanced results for one or many.  We offer the best at the best price, you only have to decide if you want a cadillac or a mercedes.  LYNX currently offers:

- Nuriva Wall (Including installation in US/CA) 

- 60-75" Integrated Touchscreen (Includes collaboration hardware/software)

AEC Management Software

LYNX Technology Services

Our AEC MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE services provide the resources your teams need to accel with their work and manage through informed decisions. We offer a wide range of support for most products on the market.  Some of our preferred solutions:

- MS PowerBI

- Bluebeam

- Digital Collaboration

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