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Professional Excellence 


We provide hands-on training to tightly couple learning with action to not only develop lean thinkers, but also drive results in the workplace.

Education is the key to outstanding results.


Similar to any high-performing sports team or athlete, right-sized coaching greatly effects results.


Become a Lean Methods facilitator to add value to your stakeholders.

Our customizable training and coaching services can be scaled to support an organization, project team or one person.

"Excellent work of adjusting the training to fit the audience. I saw a noticeable difference in how field personnel see the benefits of lean, now we just need to develop the processes to put in place to execute work using lean principles." - PCL Superintendent 


LYNX Professional Services

LYNX Professional Services leverages a lean process to teach and learn as a way of developing individual problem solvers who take initiative, demonstrate know-how, self-learn, and coach new individuals.

The first step of giving people the capability to leverage lean techniques and industry best practices is by establishing the lowest level of common understanding, and growing core elements that align with customer value and organizational purpose.  By empowering our people with the right information and resources for learning, such as Lean Construction Institute (LCI) content, they can begin their own lean journey towards excellence and continuous improvement. 

The LYNX Approach

Lean relies heavily on behaviors to drive outcomes and results. Our approach tightly couples learning with action to fast-launch teams and ensure every professional excels.  We achieve this by balancing the needs of people with a specific hands-on learning program. 


Developing ideal behaviors and “Lean thinkers” is achieved through education, exposure, and experience. 

        - Education – 25%
        - Exposure – 25%
        - Experience – 50%

Education is primarily provided in four formats outlined in green. Lean methods, including required training, should be part of every person's developmental goals while also focused on what they do, or will do, in an organization.  

Exposure starts with education and requires engagement and interaction from an individual or team. Study Action Teams encourage learners to discuss and put into practice what they read or observe. “Go and See” visits provide live exposure to Lean practices in action on jobsites or other workplaces. 

Experience is the best teacher and is the biggest factor in developing Lean understanding and behaviors. Learning by doing results in higher levels of retention and lasting results. “Learning by doing” benefits not only managers and leadership but has a significant positive impact on our people when they see leaders model the way and build culture.

Education Format


Awareness training, such as Lean Foundations Workshop for introduction to concepts and sustained support.


Just-In-Time training, such as the Last Planner System® project training/onboarding, to support healthy behavior and implementation of Lean method.


Self-Taught training, such as a Study Action Team*, Construction Accelerator, or  reading books for practitioner individuals and teams.


Learning-by-Doing, such as facilitated Value Stream Mapping or coaching project teams with 5S assessments for individuals and teams.

Why is LYNX Different?


LYNX Professional Development content is designed to successfully prepare stakeholders for their responsibilities through lean thinking.  


What That Looks Like:


1 - Our services support all levels of employees, in any industry, in any organization. We build foundational practitioners to subject matter experts.  


2 - Our services clearly define how people leverage lean to support their processes, improve what they do and develop consistency across a company, provide people with the right tools and training at the right time to assist them in their role, and decrease the implementation time for lean methods and results


3 - Our services provide all required planning, content development, reporting, implementation, onboarding and coaching.

Lean Coach

LYNX People  Services

Get the results you need with a LEAN COACH.  Accelerate your learning and results by working with a coach.  A high-performing team has clearly definable characteristics that can be strategically implemented.  Accelerate thinking, develop action, demonstrate results with a LYNX coach.  Our services provide all required planning, content development, reporting, implementation, onboarding and coaching. Specific areas of focus include:

- Career & Objectives Alignment

- Lean Thinking & Practice

- Self Development

- High-performing Team Coaching

- Department/Organizational 

- Strategy Deployment

Lean Thinking

LYNX People  Services

Value driven efforts and organizational objectives are better achieved with LEAN THINKING. Arm your people and teams with the skills, mindset, and behavior to optimize and accomplish anything.

Our services provide all required planning, content development, reporting, implementation, onboarding and coaching.  Areas of focus include:

- Most Lean Methodologies

- ACG Lean-CM Certification 

- LCI Courses:  Last Planner System(R), 5S Construction, Mindset of Effective Big Room, Business Case for Lean, Lean Project Delivery, Introduction to Last Planner System(R) for Design, Gemba


LYNX People  Services

What is our purpose? How do we add more value as employees, industry participants, or with what we do daily.  LYNX ASSESSMENT services are specifically tailored to your employee or individual needs.  Our services provide the framework, implementation, analysis, reporting, and transformation support. Let us show you how you can optimize your people to achieve great results!

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